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How to Add / Delete User/Administrator for Google Analytics

Today I faced an issue, I had implemented by Google analytics from my other Gmail Account. Now i wished to transfer that to my current gmail a/c. This can be done in few easy steps Go to your current Google Analytics A/c Click the Admin tab at the top right after sign in Here you will get the

How to download videos from youtube

Many a times my friends ask me from where we can download videos available on Youtube. As many people are unaware about the same. The answer is Keepvid allows users to download and save videos directly from Youtube, Metacafe, Putfile and many more. To download file you need the url of the source file,

Amazon to launch – online eCommerce portal for Indian Customer

Attracting online shoppers to eCommerce jungle, launched new eCommerce portal a service that allows customers to find and shop for products in India through online and offline retail channels. What the site effectively can do is create a platform that can be a gateway to online shoppers to retailers — online and offline.

Owners of faced piracy charges

US FBI puts halts on one of the major file sharing website: and charged 7 individuals and two corporations for online piracy of copyright content over the net. As per the ET latest news, the action, initiated by the FBI yesterday one the site that is popular with Hollywood celebrities and has been endorsed

70 global operators adopt Tata mobile broadband solutions

Tata Communications has launched mobile broadband solutions enabled by ‘Internet Protocol Exchange’ (IPX+) framework. Seventy mobile network operators (MNOs) across the globe have signed up for the new framework which is designed to help capitalise on the latest technology innovations in the mobile broadband space, the company said here. “MNOs need solutions that deliver tangible