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How to remove all the hyperlinks from Microsoft Excel

We are in the world of windows and use Microsoft Excel for all our documentation purpose. At times we copy content from web or any HTML file to Excel, which contains the hyperlinks. To remove Single hyperlink Select the text which contains the hyperlink Right click your mouse pointer (keeping the text selected) Select the

A 9 year old become Microsoft Master

Who says Indian are not talented? When it comes to India, parents are reluctant to give access to computers to their children until their college or utmost necessary. After hearing the report, I think parents will allow their children to work on computers right from childhood. In the recent news, from TOI, “9-year-old boy becomes

Computer Work All Day? Eye Care Tips

If you are a IT Professional or Computer Geek, then you almost spend more than half of the day in front of computer. I, myself is an Programmer and I almost spend 12-14 hrs daily in front of computer either at home or office. You too are bind by your profession and responsible to do

Mozilla 10 launched

Six weeks after releasing Firefox 9, the Mozilla Corporation that makes the popular Web browser has launched a brand new version called Firefox 10 for Windows, Macs, Linux machines and Android. The release is a part of the rapid release cycle that Mozilla has adopted and is the reason why the browser has swiftly moved

How to fix Error code: ssl_error_ssl_disabled? in FireFox

The file cert8.db in your profile folder may have become corrupted. Delete this file while the application (Firefox, SeaMonkey, etc) is closed. To do this on Windows machines: Close the application by choosing File -> Exit. Open your profile folder in Windows Explorer. Click on the file named cert8.db. Press delete. Restart the application. cert8.db will be recreated