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Double Blue Tick in WhatsApp

Think of a day when you have not used WhatsApp , its not possible …!!! Think you have sent a message to your friends or colleagues and he/she has not replied and you think he/she has not read your message. Here comes solution for this, Today WhatsApp released an update for indicating the message read

Yahoo activated Auto Compose Mail for Valentine Day

Today is 14th Feb 2014 and love is in the air for all. On this day, Yahoo mail has activated “AutoCompose” features for Valentine Day. You can select from drop down different types of messages you need to sent to your loved ones Crazy in Love Friendly Love All Outta Love

How to remove all the hyperlinks from Microsoft Excel

We are in the world of windows and use Microsoft Excel for all our documentation purpose. At times we copy content from web or any HTML file to Excel, which contains the hyperlinks. To remove Single hyperlink Select the text which contains the hyperlink Right click your mouse pointer (keeping the text selected) Select the

The Reliance Digital Experience – A Blogger Way

Hello and Welcome back, I am writing on any topic for review, in this post I would be sharing some experience. In my earlier blog post I have mentioned about Indiblogger and events organized by them. Recently they had organized one event in relation with “Reliance Digital” at various outlets in Mumbai. What was the event?

LG Google Nexus 4 Specification and Price in India

Google Nexus 4 which is considered as one of the best Smart phone is ready to get launched in India. Earlier launched in US and other country, now its time for India. Flipkart has started Pre-Lauch booking of the Nexus 4 for 16GB version at 25,990/- and is expected to get launched in 4th week

Speedtest Android App for testing speed

Hello and welcome to , its been long time on this blog. Today I will tell use of Speedtest Android App for your mobile. Hope you remember the time when you have internet connection at your home and connected and first thing you want to check the internet speed you are getting. The service

3 months of blogging on

Hello friends and readers of, Today on 22nd Jan 2013 , I completed 3months of blogging on In this 3months I came across various bloggers out here, I learnt many things. I feel really happy to be a part of this blogging world. As I go ahead, I wish to share my journey

A 9 year old become Microsoft Master

Who says Indian are not talented? When it comes to India, parents are reluctant to give access to computers to their children until their college or utmost necessary. After hearing the report, I think parents will allow their children to work on computers right from childhood. In the recent news, from TOI, “9-year-old boy becomes

How to Add / Delete User/Administrator for Google Analytics

Today I faced an issue, I had implemented by Google analytics from my other Gmail Account. Now i wished to transfer that to my current gmail a/c. This can be done in few easy steps Go to your current Google Analytics A/c Click the Admin tab at the top right after sign in Here you will get the

Its anniversary of our beloved SMS

Its anniversary of our beloved SMS…!!! Yes you heard me right, this is the day – December 3 1992, two decades ago when first sms was sent. The message was “Merry Christmas” from a British Engineer named Neil Papworth. And over the two decade million of users around the globe have started using SMS as