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Hello and welcome to techntoday.com , its been long time on this blog. Today I will tell use of Speedtest Android App for your mobile.

Hope you remember the time when you have internet connection at your home and connected and first thing you want to check the internet speed you are getting. The service engineer would suggest to go to site http://www.speedtest.net and test your internet connection speed.

But now the time has changed and everyone uses Broadband connection at home and has forgotten about the site http://www.speedtest.net and we hardly visit it. But this is very important site for the engineers.

But now you would seem to love this site again for your awesome Android phones you are holding in your hand.

Android has penetrated into the market like anything and everyone try to have at least one Android Phone.

But at times you need to test the speed on your Android Phone. No worries, SpeedTest app is here, http://www.speedtest.net has released its own android app Speedtest app available on Google Play.

Download App

This app is ranked #1 for testing internet speed and is trusted worldwide.

Features of this app

  • Discover your Download and Upload Speed
  • Real-time statistics
  • Easy to share results

There are 3 section available on the app bottom panel:

  1. Speed Test: The actual testing graph is shown her
  2. Tools: Change the ping location and other settings
  3. Result: Displays the history of previous done test
Begin Test

Begin Test

Download Speed Test

Download Speed Test

Upload Speed Test

Upload Speed Test



By default it will find the closest point for pinging, you can change it from the Tools options. Once you are done with your preferences, just tap the “Begin Test” and the app runs for 30 sec by pinging the location and uploading and downloading.


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